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Hair Removal

(Say HELLO to smooth skin!)

WHAT IS IT: Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair using either a true laser or intense light by destroying the hair follicle. It is noninvasive, non-surgical, results in softer smoother skin, and eliminates the need to shave or wax! Simple as that.


COST EFFECTIVE: In an average lifetime you will spend over $30,000 on Waxing & $10,000 on Shaving. Make the smart decision and start with permanent hair removal today!



Permanent Results that Last.png

Permanent Results that Last

Our lasers actually work, simple as that, even after your first time



No more missed patches of hair

Save MONEY.png


No more money spent on waxing treatments or shaving supplies

Universal Treatments.png



Laser hair removal for ALL! Any skin type, hair type, or area!

Super Fast Treatments.png

Super Fast Treatments.

Our lasers make your treatment quick and efficient

Less Pain.png

Less Pain

Our cooling system will keep you feeling less pain



"For great results and to give your skin time to heal before your appointments, we recommend you shave your treatment area 24-hours before coming in to see us."


At R&G Laser, we have one of the best laser hair removal technologies that’s guaranteed to make your laser hair removal permanent. Our laser technology reduces unwanted hair with beams of highly targeted light that systematically damage the hair follicles and prevent hair from regrowing. Continuous cooling before, during and after the procedure ensures that the process is comfortable for you. Our state-of-the-art lasers allow you to treat all skin types including tanned and dark skin.

  • Laser sessions can last from 5 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the treatment area)

  • A topical anesthetic is provided to those with super sensitive skin

  • Private and Modern Rooms dedicated for your treatment (we don’t do semi-private like those other guys)

  • Your skin’s top layer is protected and pre-cooled before each pulse. Typically, it feels like the quick snap of a rubber band.

Side Effects & After Care

  • There are no significant side effects of laser hair removal recorded yet. Some insignificant effects that may occur include skin irritation and small temporary changes to your skin pigment. However, patients are given some common instructions to enhance their recovery period.

  • You’re to stay away from excess sun exposure and tanning salons for at least six weeks following the treatment. You’re also advised to make use of potent sunscreen lotion to protect your skin during the recovery process. In rare cases of redness or discomfort, you’re to apply ice packs to the area for relief.

Preparing for Your Treatment

We know new things can be scary, that's why we offer FREE consultations and patch tests for customers to obtain all the information they need to ensure that laser hair removal is the right choice for them. We’ll talk through everything during your FREE consultation and for a little extra support and information, we’ve created a preparation guide to laser hair removal just for you!

After your Treatment

To ensure the best results we’ve created this simple and super helpful post-treatment guide. In it, you’ll find our expert advice, gained from over 20 years of experience and thousands of treatments. With years of expertise, we’ll make you feel comfortable at our office. We will make sure you see and feel the difference with our advanced technology, super friendly team, and professional equipment. 

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